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Best Instagram Data Scraper with bunch of features like Scraping Followers, Following, Profile Posts, Related Hashtags, Hashtag Details, Hashtag Volume, Profile Details Scraper, Comments Scraper, Likers Scraper, Location Based Post Scraper and many more.................

Check This Instagram Scraper In Action

Surprised? Want to see the screenshots and more about the program functionalities? More Usage IDEA?
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Instagram Scraper
instagram data scraper add account
instagram data scraper settings tab
instagram followers scraper
instagram profile posts scraper
instagram profile details scraper
Instagram comments scraper
instagram video downloader
instagram following scraper
instagram hashtag based posts scraper
instagram location based scraper
instagram likers scraper
instagram profile photo downloader
instagram user scraper by hashtag
instagram hashtag scraper
instagram email scraper

Feature List & Usage IDEA


Followers Scraper

Want to interact all the users in a specific niche and get customers?

Interaction with followers is the best way

Following Scraper

Check and take note on following of a page so you can understand the niche audience!

Custom Delay

This program comes with custom delay so you will be able to use custom delay and never get blocks while scraping data from IG!

Hashtag Researching

Find the best hashtags and use them in your post for better reach and expand your reach on IG!

Hashtag Based Users Scraper

Narrow down your user base by hashtag and increase the possibility to get real customers in short time. 

Hashtag Based Posts Scraper

Find posts on your niche and get less distraction - save time and focus more on your business!

Image Downloader Single + Bulk

Just import X number posts and dwonload your best photos from IG! 
Easy huh?

Video Downloader Single + Bulk

Import x number of video posts and get them scraped for your several types of usage!.

User Details Scraper

Import the user name and get the details of users and do your marketing work hassle free!!

Comments with comments Scraper

Lot's of great comments? Do not have to create comments? Scrape them and use them in future!

Likers Scraper

View the likers who liked your post and see them one by one! 

Profile Posts Scraper

Liked a users posts? Found a great ig page?

Scrape them all!

Only $97 Lifetime License !!
Due to Security Reason The Program Is No Longer SOLD via PayPal Payments. IF you are interested in the program and have 1) Accounts 2) Proxies Of Good Quality - Then Contact here at help.tasker18[at]gmail.com
Payments Method : BTC, BNB, ETH

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*Windows Based Software**

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Used thsi program for 6 montsh now and it helps my marketing process!!

Been using the older version of it and i can tell you with this price there is no cheap alternative that does  so good job like this one. 

For reaching out clients and finding new leads this  program helps me a lot daily basis. Not a single complain. 

Frequently Asked Questions



What Do I Need To Run This Application?

You need WINDOWS Machine with Microsoft .Net framework version 4.5 or above installed in your system and chrome driver latest + chrome latest installed in your system


How many accounts can be used?

Add as many accounts as you want. We do not restrict the numbers in our products


How long will i get support for this program?

You can expect a lifetime support. Means as long as the program exists you will get support for FREE. 


Wht is the support email? How do i get support?

We have 1 forum at https://tasker18.com/forum/ or you can mail us at help.tasker18[at]gmail.com or help[at]tasker18.com


How fast can i get support response if i purchase?

Within 8-12 hour in working days :)


How many followers can i scrape with this software?

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Can i request a feature please?

Yes, sure. Send us an email with your requirements and we will look into it. 


Do i need high configuration system?

You do not need high configuration system. A Basic 2 core Windows Machine with .Net framework 4.5 + chrome latest is good enough to run this program. 


Do i need to use proxy with this software?

IF you plan to use on Home IP you do not need but if you plan to use on VPS / RDP you will need one because Instagram hates DataCenter IPs and restricts the accounts from scraping.


Can i ask for Refund?

You can ask for refund if the program does not meet your requirements or does not work as advertised. We will not ask any question and you will be refunded if you have contacted us within 5 days from purchase date. But please make sure to check the features above as we showed almost all the features so users can see what the program is capable of. 


How often do i get updates?

Honestly, that dpends but we try to fix as soon we find something broken. You can expect fixes within days unless the feature is broken for good which is less possible. Minor updates happens within a day and major updates may take 1-3 days. 


On how many machine can i use the license?

This is a single PC license. IF you need to migrate it on a new PC / Machine  you just need to contact us or if you require additional license just contact us.


Can i run the program on a Mac?

You can run but you will need Virtualization software like VirtualBox or parallels installed.

Support Email :  help.tasker18[at]gmail.com


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