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Complete Reddit Marketing Software / Reddit Automation Software

Manage Unlimited Reddit Accounts

Feel the power of TRUE UNLIMITED Account management by using this Reddit Marketing Software - REDDITTASKER

Cookies : You don't need to login all the time

Why not login once and use long time instead of login everytime which makes you an automated program user? Be assured that this Reddit Marketing Software will never let you down.

Proxy - Bulk Proxy Assign - Remove

Forget to assign and delete proxys manually - do it by 1 -2 clicks

Bulk Upvote

Upvote one or as many urls as you want - just by few clicks!

Bulk Downvote

Need to downvote? We got you covered - do it by only 3-4 mouse clicks! There is no Reddit Marketing Software that can do like this.

Multi Threading

Feel the power of parallel action running - run as many thread as you want - means more tasks done in short time - more result - more $$$$ - more successful days. We crafted this Reddit Marketing Software just to help you keep going with your reddit marketing

Bulk import accounts

Forget the pain of adding each account manually - click and import with peace of mind!

Link Poster

Post as many links as you want - single link or bulk link posting - we have all ready for you!

Media Posting

You may want to post media? We also support that! By using our program you can post media to sub eddits

Text Poster

Post texts to sub reddits by just 2-3 clicks and no need any browser at all!

Task Scheduler

If you are not a fan of work in real time but fan of work repeatedly on x,y,z time nad situation then our scheduler will help you complete your need and we have a great scheduler that schedules your tasks for different types of run.

Subscriber Module

Now subscribe to single or bulk amount of subreddits with 2-3 clicks. Do you want this? :)


Since we gave the power of subscribe - we also have unsubscriber ready for you! Again, our Reddit marketing software won as there is no software that can do like ours.

Comments Upvoter

IF you want to make your comment on top of all comments - this comments upvoter will work like a chram. People has asked many times for this feature and we implemented it. We just love you. :)

Comments Downvoter

So, if you want to defeat your rival by down voting comments - yes we have the down vote functionality on our reddit bot. This reddit bot is the weapon you will want in your internet marketing suit. There is no reddit marketing software like ours as we love ous and add functionality depending upon our clients choice.

Commenter Module

Comment on as many reddit post as you want with unlimited accounts! The sign of true Reddit Automation Software.

Tools Wizard

You'll have power to scrape links and comments using this tools tab! We believe that the program will surely increase your marketing process!

Youtube Video

Simple UI

Very simple UI - manage accounts - update - add - delete - edit accounts - bulk assign / remove proxys - view accounts - action on accounts - action creation TABs - all in single UI!

Powerful Processor

Strong and powerful action processor which can process as much tasks as you want and is easy to control - bulk add - delete - view logs - clear logs - remove actiions all in a single UI! Our Reddit Marketing Software will never let you feel incomplete. :)

  • PERFORMANCE Low RAM usagge - proper thread use - no need of bulky engine - light weight - superfast - better threading - stop - pause - resume availability
  • ENGAGEMENTS Increase the engagement of your reddit post by using our powerful software and take your marketing to the next level! -
  • FLEXIBILITY Enjoy the flexibility of REDDITTASKER and use it as you want - no limitation on anything download it run it create action process Done! Simple and effective!

  • $97 one time Fee - use the program lifetime

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User Testimonials

RedditTasker is the best Reddit marketing software which helped me to grow my email list from 90 to 5000. All the targeted contacts are possible just because of REDDITTASKER. I would suggest REDDITTASKER to anyone blindly.

Gordon k. Rudy, Travel Blogger, NY

Just because of reddittasker, my pet blog getting 30000 visitors per day! Awesome Reddit Marketing Software <3

Nancy Corey

The fastest and probably the best low cost software is reddittasker - awesome support - fast updates - i'm lucky to have this piece of GOLD! 10/10

Richard Abril


1. Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / server 2008 / server 2012 / server 2016 / server 2019 or any windows environment with 2. .Net Framework 4.5 or above is mandatory

Support Forum

1. Visit Support Forum for more help and tutorials
2. You can email us to help.tasker18[at]

Refund Policy

Partial refund is possible if the program is bought from this page within 5 days period. If the product is purchased with discounts - there will be no refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What System is required in order to run the program?
The program Runs on windows operating system. Means you need 1 Windows machine in order to run the software
What .Net framework version is needed?
The system needs .Net framework 4.0 or higher installed - this is mandatory
How often the program gets updated?
:) We try to update the program as soon as possible. It takes maxium 1 day unless any serious issue ( we are human too )
Is this program light weight?
Yes. The program is absolutely light weight.
On how many machine i can run the program?
1 license/machine is supported currently
How many instance can i run?
You can run 1 INSTANCE at a time
When wil i get my license?
After the purchase - you will be redirected to download page and all information will be there. Also, the activation automated. You will get all the things to get started.

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