Scraping data from Social Networks is not easy at all! So, we created this social network data grabber / Scraper just for YOU!

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Instagram Data Scraper

Download Video, Images, Scrape caption, Scrape comments and many more...............

Twitter Data Scraper

Download images, gifs, videos, scrape followers, followings and so on...............

Facebook Data Scraper

Check out the feature section below...........

TikTok Data Scraper

tiktok is new in market and full of media. Fortunately we have a solution for it too! 

Instagram Features:

  1. Followers Scraper
  2. Profile Photo Downloader
  3. Profile details grabber bulk 
  1. Bulk Image Downloader from posts
  2. Bulk Video Downloader From Posts 
  3. Profile Posts Scraper
  1. Post Engagement Scraper 
  2. Location Based Posts Scraper
  3. HashTag Based Posts Scraper

Twitter Features: coming soon

  1. Multiple Accounts
  2. Cookies Support
  3. Download Videos

Facebook Features:coming soon

  1. Multiple Accounts
  2. Scrape Friends
  3. Scrape Enagged users

Tiktok Features:coming soon

$20 Monthly - cancel anytime as you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

SocialDataTasker is a social networks data scraper. Means - this software is useful for grabbing data from social networks like twitter, facebook, iktok, instagram. These data can be used for so many purposes, download of video, email collection, bio collection, activity collection. follower scraping, following scraping and so many thing....

If you are savvy internet marketer then this should be useful for you. Things are very easy in our software.

1. There is nobody like us 
2. We have great support
3. We care for our customers
4. Frequent updates
5. Cheap price
7. Responsiveness of support

Windows Machine with .Net Framework Version 4.5 or UP + chrome latest installed 

1. Instagram

more to come..............

Sure. Just send us an email.

 Al sales are final. This is a monthly product and you do not need to pay hefty. Just pay as you want. End subscription anytime with peace of mind.

Yes, we have. Please check above!

Yes. We can build custom softwares / scraper for you too!
Please send us an email at

Yes. Sure. 
Send us an email at


Unfortunately we do not have any lifetime plans because one time pay with lifetime support is not possible as we cover a lot of sites or we have plan to. Without monthly - is not a sustainable business that we will be able to continue.


The first software i saw is having so many features at cheap price. Guys just go for it and keep your marketing smoothly going.

I loved the instagram version of this software.
Why? So many features. Lovely.

I download a lot videos from isnatgram so this software is really good for me. 

if anyone wants a cheap software with so many features - i want to tell them that they should not miss this software

Easy UI
Lovely features. 
I wish i could buy it for $1000 lifetime.

Data harvesting was never easy - i found this SocialDataTasker from google and jesus this is so easy and suppots accounts login too! No regret having this software. <3 

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