Features : RedditTasker

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This THREAD will have all the features the program has / will have in the future

  1. Bulk Account Manager
  2. Bulk Cookies Generation
  3. Category SET
  4. Multi-Threading
  5. Scheduling ( Multi-Threaded )
  6. Open Account in a browser ( with existing cookies ) - Chrome session
  7. Bulk set proxies
  8. Bulk Remove Proxies
  9. Bulk import accounts
  10. Check accounts by number
  11. Account details editor
  12. Follow users from FILEPATH and SINGLE
  13. CROSS POST single using single account + Bulk
  14. IMAGE posting to OWN PROFILE
  15. IMAGE posting SUBREDDITs
  16. Delay after actions
  17. IMAGE posting from FILEPATH
  18. Comment Downvote SINGLE + BULK
  19. COMMENT on single post + BULK posts ( using file path )
  20. Subreddit posts Scraping
  21. Dashboard posts Scraping
  22. OWN profile posts scraping
  23. Scrape users from reddit posts
  24. Scrape images
  25. Scrape videos
  26. Unsubscribe Subreddit single + Bulk
  27. Comments upvote single + bulk
  28. Link posting to subreddit
  29. Link posting to subreddits using flair
  30. Link posting to OWN profile
  31. Text posting single + BULK
  32. Text posting using Flair
  33. Text posting Using Hyperlink
  34. Text posting using hyperlink with flair
  35. Subscribe single + Bulk
  36. Generate cookies Direct
  37. Generate cookies using Browser
  38. Suspended Checker
  39. Delete OWN profile posts ( requires posts list in a .txt file )
  40. Downvote single + Bulk
  41. Upvote single + Bulk
  42. Upvote crossposts
  43. Custom Timeout values
  44. Detailed logging
  45. Image post scheduling -
    a) post image with interval to subreddits, delete images after post, can provide own title
    b) post images from own folder

  46. Upvote Scheduling-
    a) do upvote on dashboard posts
    b) do upvote on certain subreddits posts

  47. Downvote Scheduling -
    a) on dashboard posts
    b) on certain subreddits recent posts

48)Link posting Scheduling

49)Comment Scheduling -
a) Random comments on feed posts
b) Random comments on list of subreddits latest posts ( shuffled posts after scraping )

50)Follow Scheduling -
a) Follow users from FILEPATH ( users will be deleted from file )

51)Sub / Unsub Scheduling -
a) Sub list of subs from file
b) UnSub list of subs from file

** Each item will be deleted from the source file

52)Cross Post Scheduling -
a) Cross post From file to target subreddit list
b) Cross post from a target subreddit list ( scraping automatic )

53) Instagram To Reddit Posting Scheduling - coming soon
54) Text Posting Scheduling - coming soon
55) Scraping Scheduling - coming soon

End Features

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