Instagram Scraper InsDataTasker - Business Email Scraper Using Username - Explanation

In this thread the Business Email Scraper Using Username will be explained -

The process is simple -

1) You must select certain number of accounts
2) Make sure you have set the global API limit unless the account may die due to heavy API call limit
3) Make sure the accounts has cookies generated


If you have done above then Open the Business Email Scraper By Username

This wizard is simple and straight forward. You have IMPORT a LIST of usernames to the program and Press START and then Wait.

There is an INFO button to make you understand the process BETTER.

** The thread numbers will be the number of checked accounts ( having cookies ) **


**EXPORT : **

To export data from the scraped form / panel you'd need to check the check boxes of items - ex. ID, username, Bio
etc etc ....

Note : If you export the bio then the exported data may not work well in excel because the bio contains \n ( new line ). Please try to avoid BIO saving.

Note : The separator of the exported data will be a PIPE which is |

In order to see the results in EXCEL you must open the .TXT file choosing the separator as | and you will see the pretty columns as you wanted.

This Wizard is suggested for business email scraping because of IG API limit enforced and it is good for accounts to not use more fetch request. That way the accounts actually live longer than expected.

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