Instagram Scraper InsDataTasker - Business Email Scraper By Hashtags - Explanation

This thread will have more details of Hashtag based email scraper - the functionality is little complex but if you do not care about account burning / account being banned for extensive scraping then this feature is for you.

Before started - these things are mandatory.

1) Import accounts will correct proxy - if have any
2) Accounts must be cookies generated - see tutorial
3) If you have cookies imported - make sure they have active proxies

** if your account has no cookies / bad proxies then scraping will never work - complaining will not get you nowhere. ?Before doing anything make sure about the mentioned criteria **


By far if you imported accounts and they are all cookies generated - check certain accounts and Press on Business Email Scraper By hashtag

A Form will appear having many options. Those are going to be explained now.

1) Delay Between Email Finding Request - this is the delay between API call which scrapes the profile data.
Example format is : 10-20, 30-40

Means a random seconds between 10-20 will be used as interval

2)Max Results - this is the total num of results you may want. Can be 1000 or can be 30000

3) Random Pause Both Email + User Scraping - this is a sleep between fetches means the program will sleep every x minute For Large Pause Y minute

IF you check the large pause then the value will be used.

Basically like this - Sleep after x minutes of scraping For Y Minutes

Example values will be any single digit. ex. 1, 2,5, 10 etc etc ..

4) Target hashtag - if you want single hashtag scraping then DO NOT check the Multi hashtag checkbox and just input a hashtag and scrape
Else if you want multiple hashtag then specify multiple hashtag separated by comma

eg. nature,sun,baseball,soccer,moda,ocean

5) IF you want to save the accounts from being banned / compromised - You must check the check box called -


6) Pause / Start hashtag scraping at MAX value - this is because all the accounts will scrape the hashtags and add the results in a Queue / Scraping List. That list will keep growing. In order to minimize the requests to IG server - you have to SET it. The lower you set the better.

Users will be fetched only when the list becomes low - it is very safe.

7) Check me if you like to save the data while scraping - if you check this - in any case if the app crashes or any disaster happens the data will be saved on the way. BUT make sure you check the items - Username, ID etc etc.. Which you may Want...

8) Try to avoid BIO saving - this item contains the new line which breaks the output data

9) The Exported data separator is a PIPE - |

10) Please Read all the HELP / INFO button before getting started

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