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Terms of License
By purchasing a license you are allowed to use the software on a machine for your own (individual / company) use.

Purchasing a license allows you to use the software. It does not buy ownership of the software or anything contained within the software.

You are not allowed to decompile, crack, hack, sell or pirate the software.

We make no promises to your results when using the software.

We accept no responsibilty for errors / problems causing a loss of business or profits.
A full 100% refund is available for any purchase if you purchased the program from Tasker18 website with automated license distribution system and within 5 business date. Refunds will be processed within five working days of your request. The refund period is extendable if you had issues getting the program working, please contact us for more information before the refund
period expires

Any purchase using discount are non-refundable

By purchasing the software you agree that you will not use the software for any illegal activities based on the law of your country. For more information on the laws of your country you are advised to seek legal advice, we cannot nor will give legal advice. The software is sold in good faith for legal promotional methods only. If we suspect you are, or intend to use the program for illegal / fraudulent activities your license will be deactivated immediately with no refund.

We reserve right to deactivate your license anytime if the purchaser found with active abusive behaviour towards the brand, support. help person. We expect our users to cooperate with us.

We also do not entertain any abusive beahviour from our end as well.