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Get your adult video marketing to the next level with our Xvideos upload Bot

Account Creator

Now you can create as many account as you want by our XvideosTasker - xvideos upload bot. Not only that but also our Xvideos Bot supports account verification.
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Upload Unlimited Videos

With our software, you can upload as many videos as you want to xvideos within seconds. Since the Program ( xvideos uploader bot) is light weight and runs on low specs - you will never face any issues for running it and during upload the bot will be fully free and functional. 


Like - upvote

Use unlimited number of accounts and do like ( upvotes ) like never before with our xvideos upload bot and get attention to the channel owners whcih means extra traffic. 

Dislike - Down vote

Our xvideos Upload bot supports down vote too which means you can down vote unlimited videos with your unlimited number of accounts. This could effect the system and can be used in interesting way to dominate the popular tube site. 


As told - our xvideos uploader bot supports commenting. IF you want to comment on 1 video then you can and if you want to comment on multiple video - you can too do that. More commenting means more attention means more traffic :)


Delay between each upload ican be set for randomness behaviour which helps you to maintain human like nature while using automated program. 

Unlimited instance

Our software is not just limited to single instance. Means- you can run as many instance as you want and there will be no issue for this. just copy the folder as many time as you want. If you do not understand then ask for support. 

import - export accounts

Our xvideos program supports import -export of accounts functionality which will allow you to bulk import or export account very easily

Proxy support

Our xvideos uploader supports proxy as well so you can run unlimited number of accounts with proxy and do the marketing work without any further issues

Captcha Support

This xvideos uploader bot comes with 2captcha api integrated which means if you encounter any captcha, the program will automatically solve it for further movement prior to the task. For this 2capctcha balance is needed. Since xvideos added captctha - solving capctha became mandatory.

2captcha is supported currently. 


We have tutorials in our forum. Please visit our tutorial section
Visit Forum for more tutorials and guides

$77 one time Fee - use the program lifetime

Frequently asked questions

What System is required in order to run the program?

The program Runs on windows operating system. Means you need 1 Windows machine in order to run the software

What .Net framework version is needed?

The system needs .Net framework 4.0 or higher installed - this is mandatory

What is the refund policy?

All sales are final. We are unable to provide refund due to the nature of payment gateway. Thanks for your understanding.

How often the program is updated?

:) We try to update the program as soon as possible. It takes maxium 1 day unless any serious issue ( we are human too )

Is the program light weight?

Yes. The program is absolutely light weight.

On how many machine i can run the program?

1 license/machine is supported currently

How many instances can i run at a time?

You can run 1 INSTANCE at a time

When will i get my license?

After the purchase - you will be redirected to download page and all information will be there. Also, the activation automated. You will get all the things to get started.

Email:   help.tasker18[at]gmail.com


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